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Cedar Shakes Vinyl Siding

While the use of vinyl siding has become increasingly popular in the last 20 years or so as it is considered virtually maintenance free it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing type of siding. Vinyl does come in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns, but if you are looking for something a little more natural looking then perhaps you might want to consider the use of cedar shakes instead.

These shakes look very similar to those used on the roof although they tend to be somewhat smaller in size. Most people who choose to go with cedar shakes are trying to create a much more natural, country look and feel to their home than the other mass produced forms of siding available today do. These shakes are typically 48 inches long and can be used on the outside or the inside of the home if you wish to create a rustic look to the interior of your home. Natural cedar ages well and changes color over its entire lifespan yet it withstands the effects of the weather very well for many years.

Cedar Shakes Vinyl Siding
You will notice that cedar shakes have a much rougher texture than most other forms of lap siding and as such tend to be used primarily on the outside walls. Most people can learn to install shake siding, however it does take a certain amount of skill and you would be wise to take a course on proper installation if you have never worked with shakes before. The biggest reason for this is that they must be carefully aligned to insure proper coverage and sealing against the elements or you may have water leakage into the inner walls of your home. While using cedar shakes may be more expensive than the imitation vinyl version, due the high cost of cedar, you will most likely realize significant savings over the long run. Most customers realize that while the initial outlay is somewhat higher, the insulating value has been proven to reduce winter heating bill by a relatively large amount.

For those who are concerned with doing their part to help the environment, cedar is a renewable resource whereas vinyl siding is made from a petroleum base that is non renewable. While you may be able to save money by using vinyl siding due to its lower cost, one thing that attracts many people to cedar shakes is the value that they can add to a home. Because they add both beauty and insulation to a home, cedar shakes tend to add quite a bit of value to your home if the time should come that you decide to sell and by another home. When you have made the decision to install real cedar shakes on your home instead of imitation vinyl, you will need to be able to buy your cedar shakes from a trusted company like Direct Cedar Supplies in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They carry an extensive supply of both cedar shakes and shingles to help you make your home look beautiful and well insulated, ready to be shipped directly to you as soon as you place your order.

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