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Eastern White Cedar Shingles

There are a number of materials used in the manufacture of siding, like aluminum, vinyl, and even plastic siding, but none of them matches the warmth, character and insulation that wood siding gives you. Perhaps you already know this and have found Direct Cedar supplies because you prefer quality cedar shake siding and shingles,

which will enhance the look of any home or building. There are special treatments given to cedar shake siding which make them tough against the elements and further fire retardants are added for safety, according to some state building code regulations. Once your cedar shake siding has been installed, you have a smart looking, as well as low maintenance finish, and the different wood stains you get provide you with a choice to suit any tastes in finish.

You can get cedar shake siding with complementing cedar roofing from Direct Cedar Supplies, and if you make comparisons with other types of siding, you will find that this option is more cost-effective. If you have an old home where the siding has become worn and unsightly, replacing it with quality cedar shake siding from us is the solution. Read how this siding is kiln and pressure treated to withstand moisture and fungal growth, and see the difference between products on our comparison page. If you want to enhance the appearance of your home into a new look, you will find cedar shake siding the best option in looks and functionality. We offer you standard lengths in cedar shake siding, and a service to custom cut your siding according to your specifications.

cedar shake siding will give your home cladding a seamless, attractive finish, and the toughness of this wood siding is appropriate for any climate. It is sensible to use a qualified contractor to install your cedar shake siding, and you are welcome to call our customer care line for advice and suggestions for the best one in your areas. Our cedar shake siding is cut to slot smoothly into each other fitted either vertically or horizontally in slats. Look through our photo gallery to see some beautiful finishes for homes and other architecture, where cedar shake siding and complementing shingle products have been used. We can make suggestions for quality, long lasting siding for your restoration and home improvement products, and best of all, the entire supply is available from our warehouses.
Direct Cedar Supplies understands that quality house siding is an important investment to add value and functionality, insulating your homes and buildings. We welcome your inquiries to allow us to give you the best advice for replacement, maintenance, and suggestions for coatings and further treatments for your cedar shake siding. Our website has been designed for your convenience to inform you of what the best options are in roofing and siding, and once you are satisfied, you can conveniently order any quantities you need after registering a secure account on this website. Your siding is shipped using reputable shipping companies to your desired locations nationwide.

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