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Eastern White Cedar, 16″ R&R, Grade A Extra, Factory Finished with Weathering Stain

Project Details

We just received these beautiful shots from a client of ours of some of our Weathering Stained Eastern White Cedar R&R. Resembling the naturally weathered tones of Eastern White Cedar shingles, the Weathering Stain is designed to accelerate the natural weathering of the shingle. The stain will blend seamlessly over time as the cedar underneath the stain begins to weather. This process allows you to install your shingles with the aged look, and not have to wait a year or more for the beautiful Cape Cod grey tone of a weathered White Cedar shingle. This is especially beneficial under eaves and dormers where less sun exposure can prolong the natural weathering even longer. If you have any questions about our Eastern White Cedar shingles or the Weathering Stain specifically, please give us a call at 1-877-850-1767 or send us a quick email to [email protected]